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KeraStraight’s services by Art Director and KeraStraight specialist Devon

What are the different KeraStraight treatments?


•Repair Your Hair ⠀

•Manage the Damage

•Dismiss the Frizz

Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment is an Amazing, smoothing, strengthening & awakening Treatment.

Using Only Advanced Protein technology to truly transform your Hair - Kerastraight offers such a wide range of benefits, even to those who wouldn’t had thought about having a smoothing treatment before reading this.

The treatment works by restoring keratin into the hair, it works by extracting protein bonds into any sign of stress or breakage, running completely down the hair shaft and locking in moisture to diminish frizz and sealing the cuticle to the very tip!

This treatment is completely formaldehyde free and also Humidity resistant.

It reduces the time you spend styling your hair which minimises the daily stress of over styling rebellious hair.

It’s a semi permanent treatment lasting up to 4 months, with the correct aftercare.

Don’t be fooled by this treatment, it’s not just for those with a curly mane! If your hair is straight, but big, frizzy and unmanageable then look no further! This will give your hair the life it has been longing for.

Book in for a complimentary consultation for more guidance as to whether this is the treatment YOU NEED!



•A 30 day lasting intensive treatment, locking in moisture, strength and shine!

Though this treatment will last for up to 30 days, there is No reason not to have it more often.

It can be repeated on a weekly basis - each time repairing tired, dull, thirsty damaged hair.

It’s a great introduction for those of you who are hesitant to trying out kerastraight products.

It’s an amazing quick fix with instant noticeable results and takes hardly any time to do!

It delivers incredible results, and for that price there is nothing else like it.

Moisture mask vs Protein mask

Dry dehydrated course hair >>>> adding hydration without weighing the hair down… just pure shine shine shine…. Oh And strength & hydration obv!

Weak, fine & damaged hair , improving strength of hair structure helping to prevent breakage, improving that dull hair appearance and again, all without adding weight ⠀

It’s great for those of you who LOVE treating yourselves to your weekly Blow dry, but who’s hair is paying the price of over styled or pollution damaged hair - adding just an extra half an hour to the service it’s a no brainer !


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